Operations Chair

The Operations Chair is a flex role within the SLC. The primary role is to maintain a roster based on active tour guides, minglers, those abroad, and those on co-op. Throughout the semester, the Operations chair provides statistics on the roster, as well as varied reports/lists for other members of the SLC such as the communications chair, or the husky development co-chairs.

Additionally, the Operations Chair role has changed depending on the needs of the SLC, and the skillset of the chair. Past chairs have worked on predicting tour volume, improving the HA portal, building the HA landing page, and the creation of the feedback form. These all focus on improving the day-to-day of other HAs, which is the main focus of projects the Operations Chair takes on.

Basic understanding of spreadsheets(Google Sheets/Excel) is recommended.
This application will remain open until midnight on October 10th.

Apply to become the Operations Chair!