About Us

Husky Ambassadors is a collection of 200+ voices telling their stories. We have countless leadership opportunities for students of all ages.

Student Leadership Council (SLC)

The Student Leadership Council, commonly referred to as "SLC", is the executive board for Husky Ambassadors. Meet the members of the Spring 2020 SLC below!

SLC Chair
Claire Pettit

Operations Chair
Isaac Kramer

Communications Chair
Liliana Pina

Training Chair
Bradley Colarusso

Recruitment Co-Chairs
Mara Riley & Jared Stone

Programming Co-Chairs
Claire Moront & Molly Wilson

Husky Development Co-Chairs
Meghan Tanguay & Jake Wilson

HA Advisor
Devin Smith

Photo Caption:
Back Row: Molly, Claire M., Isaac, Meghan, Jake,
Front Row: Liliana, Bradley, Claire P., Jared, Mara

Husky Development Committee (HDC)

The Husky Development Committee is a team of Husky Ambassadors tasked with building the HA community, assisting with the training and certification of new tour guides, and evaluating current tour guides.

Spring 2020 HDC Members (HDMs)
Ally Lowitz, Angie Chan, Ankita Aggarwal, Ann Kogosov, Christiana Joseph, Erica Abraham, Liz Feltner, Martin Petrauskas, Mer Craig, Rachel Luccarelli, Rae Akinsanya, Sarah Yoder, Soja Moore, Zack Gavel.

Recruitment Committee (RC)

Recruitment Committee works alongside the Recruitment co-chairs to select our new class of Husky Ambassadors. They primarily help read and rate applications, as well as conduct interviews, making them an integral part to Husky Ambassadors.

Spring 2020 RC Members
Danielle Poirier, Pam Stravitz, Abbi Hartzel, Julian Peña, Zach Smith, Aarushi Bhan, Lauren Reilly, Kaylea Dohm, Caterina Wang, Brandon Yap, Annalee Kerrigan, Ciana Cronin, Meiling Zhang, Divya Viswanathan, Sheridan Lasher, Madiha Alam, Paige Stern, Lauryn Oishi, Lindsey Tayne, Ria Bajaj, Tanya Kler.

Programming Committee (PC)

The Programming Committee executes programs and appreciation events for all members of HA, planning each of these events from the ground up. Examples include our end of the year Gala as well as monthly events and appreciation campaigns throughout the year.

Spring 2020 PC Members
Delaney Dowdell, Anna Michelsen, Christopher Myers, Ruth Olowoyeye, Meg Sirvent, Caroline Thibault, Bolutife Ojuko, Lauren Murphy, Jada Howard, Liv Olcott, Madison Oppenheim, Ashna Perumal, Alisa Posner.

Communications Committee (CC)

The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the Northeastern Admissions student blogs as well as posting on social media, brainstorming and creating media content, and finding fun and exciting new ways to create community through the stories we share.

Spring 2020 CC Members
Malathi Reddy, Gretchen Moulton, Lindsey Tayne, Delaney Dowdell, Caterina Wang, Thomas Murtha, Christiana Joseph.